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Know What Amenities Offers Agora City Centre

Premium 7-star Business Club with Ultra-modern Amenities.

Step into a new age construction a revved-up address that showcases an architectural masterpiece that has amalgamated 5 different types of constructions only at Balaji City Centre. Step up your expectations of a home with a residential scheme that has a roof top club house, above three stones, commercial spaces all facing an arterial road with ample parking for maximized Visibility and access. Step up your requirements of an office. Get corporate spaces at par with the best in any metro City and the unique advantage of having a five-star hotel in the adjacent building. Step up Vadodara and ask for more and get even more from Balaji City Centre with their brand new 7 Star Podium Club in Gujarat.

We think obsessively about experiential architecture, managing seamlessness and curating, conditions for discovery and transformation. Our architecturally interesting spaces are infused with art and culture, and activated by extraordinary culinary experiences. We apply this same passion in curating our composed membership. 

Agora City Centre offers a variety of apartments under the fragment of Luxury living. We not only offer you the best Luxury apartments in the city but also a lifestyle specifically designed to match the people living here. With 44+ Ultra-Modern amenities, A luxurious and Pro-dynamic lifestyle awaits you. To be in the heart of the city whilst enjoying all the perks of a modern lifestyle. Here is your chance to have a larger than life approach by availing residential spaces which are truly a masterpiece of Lux living, while certifying all the aspects of modern living. 

Shree Balaji Group’s Agora City Centre offers a wide-range of Amenities which are rarely offered in such dynamic projects, few of the many amenities are listed below:

  • A 21st Century Bowling Alley is specifically built for all the bowling fanatics. The Bowling alley is finely designed to match the theme of the club. A spectacular bowling game on a weekend never goes wrong, compete with your friends & family, or practice alone. It's always a good idea to brush up your bowling skills. No need to travel to Huge malls & wait in long ques to play bowling, we got you covered at the NEXT GEN Club.

  • The fact that Snooker is an International sport and is also a favorite when it comes to all the Elite Business Men. It is a game of focus & precision which has world-wide fan following, and that is why we have a dedicated Snooker room which houses in the best of snooker tables & Cues that will enhance your snooker experience to the Next level.

  • It has been said that for every problem there is a book written out there. A good book with a cup of coffee sounds like the best Self-Therapy for anybody who has had a tough day, or talk about just unwinding & relaxing! Reading a book inside a Library is an authentic experience for any avid reader. NEXT GEN club has incorporated a Cozy & warm library that is the perfect place to read & sum up your day!

  • A Day Care that is incorporated with all the necessities a growing child would require. If you are a working parent, it's time to put your worries to rest because you can leave your children & work more effectively, knowing that your child is safe & sound in the premises of the NEXT GEN Club.

  • Be it a little healthy snacking after your workout or a nice casual dinner with your friends and family! Multi-cuisine restaurant at the NEXT GEN club is here to satisfy all your food cravings in a fresh & organic way.

  • A premium waiting lounge, where you can sit an enjoy our customer service with Ultra-luxurious décor and impeccable design. It is likely to make a good first impression in front of your friends, family & guests.

  • After the Pandemic, going to the Cinema has been highly dangerous & so is going to crowded places. Minimalize the risk factor & still enjoy with privacy like home only with NEXT GEN Club’s Mini-Theater.

  • An open to Sky Café that is open 24/7 serves you with an astounding place to just have good food, some beverages and a nice time with friend & Family. The perfect spot to pass your time with the best views of the city.

  • A Professional Tennis Court that is at a superb height of 70mts, offering majestic views of the cityscape. A place where you can have friendlies with like-minded people who will pump your enthusiasm and love for the game to new levels.

  • It is scientifically proven that the relaxation of your bodies through activities like massages & SPA plays an important role in busting stress & increasing positivity inside you. Make sure to book your appointment with Next Gen Club’s SPA so that you are always full of positivity.

  • The fact that we live in these Pandemic Times, there is a lot of pressure in maintaining a fit lifestyle. A fully equipped gym awaits you at the NEXT GEN club, from dead lifts to your daily cardio we have got you covered at our Ultra-modern GYM.

  • Who doesn’t like Swimming, especially when you know that it is the only exercise where our bodies almost every organ is used. At Next GEN club we provide you with an Olympic Sized Swimming Pool that is optimum for your daily exercise.

  • Going to the hair dresser is no more a task as the NEXT GEN club brings you a Premium SALON where your Salon needs will be taken care of. True comfort is getting your hair done in the same locale where you live.

These are nothing but just a few of the many ultra-premium amenities that are offered by Ultra-Modern Agora City Centre club in Vadodara. It will take a lifestyle experience from you to truly unleash the potential that this project holds for you.

We at Shree Balaji Group are accustomed to providing nothing but the best to our customers. Luxury, Location & Convenience at your doorstep. If you belong to those who have a luxury niche, the life that will suit you, you can check out the premium luxury apartments in Vadodara|Mehsana|Ahmedabad by the one and only Shree Balaji Group.

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