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7star podium club of Vadodara city where the Ultra-rich will meet & socialize

Gujarat's 1st Ultra-Modern 7 Star NextGen Business Club!

Elite Clubs are spots for several businesses and professional meet-ups, get-togethers, and conversations. People all over the world visit clubs for their conferences, conversations, and arguments of formal things, when they want it to be a private happening taking care of all the security norms. We, at NextGEN club, are proud to announce that all the ultra-luxurious necessities are being built as you continue to read this article!

Private clubs are generally a preferred place because of the availability of spacious rooms, large and free-flowing distant areas, enormous conference and meeting places, and also for the areas of recreation and solo time. Go visit our main office to learn more about the 7 Star NextGen Podium Club in Vadodara.

We, at NEXTGEN, ensure to clean the club premises and all the area frequently, taking care of the complete sanitization methods, and sanitize our beautiful Club area on a regular basis obviously talking, hypothetically as the club is still under construction & would be developed latest by 2022!

We are willing to provide you a calm and chilled relaxing atmosphere so that the people visiting our club can work and handle meetings in a relaxed way and complete peace of mind trying to conduct a successful business meet-up or a conference. We also provide an array of recreational activities in order to give a fun, peaceful, and relaxed way of working as well as some recreation. People can spend time getting rid of the stress and chaos by just strolling through our club & pool area. The club is also set to present a variety of food and drinks under safe conditions.

Abiding by all the norms of unlocking 1.0, we at NextGEN club, are all ready to serve you all for your needed purposes, and considering the Pandemic Times, a culture that includes conferencing indoors is predicted to take hold of the Business community. The NextGEN Club has a happy, calm, and healthy ambiance. The atmosphere is lively and clean. 

Post the gatherings and conferences, you can go out in the fresh, open to sky environment to unwind and breathe and give away all the stress to the surroundings. The nextGEN club will be an effective stress buster for a lot of people, who spend their time to soothe their nerves. The club will also boast a variety of spas and methods to unwind people, post meetings, and get-togethers.

7 Star Podium Club in Gujarat

We serve to be a good place to conduct and hold professional meetings, as we provide all the required necessities that will help you explore yourself to the truest potential. The club features an area of 2,10,000 sq. Ft. of area flushed with quintessential needs that are infused with Premium luxury. The only Club with 44+ Modern class amenities. Moreover, the club resides in the heart of the city of Vadodara giving you access to all sorts of iconic places within close proximity. From your daily exercise to a corporate conference, the clubhouses in features that will help you flourish and nourish with every-step of your life. Staying fit is not a hobby but a lifestyle. That said, the Nextgen club is here to fulfill your every need in terms of your extracurricular lifestyle, naturally enhancing your life in a healthy way. NextGen Business Club with Modern class Amenities is truly one of the best clubs in the state of Gujarat that matches the international standards!

Thematic restaurants are also included in the club area for your post-workout refreshments or be it a healthy breakfast after an early morning’s swim. They make sure that all our members eat fresh and hygienic food. If you are a parent, there's a special children's daycare which allows parents to enjoy their club time hassle-free while their kids are being attended at the daycare. The club also boasts a fully equipped gym which provides you with the freedom of working out on all levels of the body, with 3 large banquets capable of hosting any kind of an event, be it casual or professional. An entertainment zone like never before with a 5D theater to give you a memorable movie experience & a library besides it, allows you to indulge in some fun activity when the outdoor space is occupied. A spa that will rejuvenate your soul and body as well as relax you from all the chaos and stress of life. Professional Tennis courts for all the tennis lovers and an Olympic-sized infinity swimming pool with great views of the Vadodara cityscape.  

We at Shree Balaji Group are accustomed to providing nothing but the best to our customers. Luxury, Location & Convenience at your doorstep. If you belong to those who have a luxury niche, the life that will suit you, you can check out the premium luxury apartments in Vadodara|Mehsana|Ahmedabad by the one and only Shree Balaji Group.

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