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Outdoor Experiences

Dive like a Olympian

A place where Sky and Aqua Meets

An Olympic-sized swimming pool with endless aerial views is just the luxury that you can dive in to forget the chaos of the outside world. Dive in to experience serenity, enjoy a lap or two and soak in the pleasant weather at 60ft above the ground. 

Pool Deck

Soak in the tranquil feels

Dip your toes into the warm water, sip a margarita on the pool deck. The pool deck is a capsule of the neo-modern aesthetic, furnished with new and vintage furniture, art, and accessories.

Kids Play Area

A safe and amusing haven for kids

It’s a pretty cool idea to get the kids immersed in some outdoor games. Blending in their imagination and agility on the toes as they move from one slide to another. It keeps kids engaged, so you get some deserved leisure time.

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