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The Art Exhibitions

Art has the potential to engage the mind, and emotions can’t be explained or written. Odelia plans to bring brilliant artists and art forms under one roof. Legendary and even upcoming artists can showcase their talent and also promote the significance of art.
A place where you can support and spread their talent. We are building a community and culture that adore creative minds around the world.

Master Speaks

We will be inviting famous speakers, writers for a healthy debate and experience sharing talks. Thus, building a space where knowledge and wisdom are shared for a collective promising future.

Stand Up Nights

Well, life isn’t life without laughter, and that’s why we need comedy in life, so we will be calling up the hilarious comic stars that will make your time light and fun. You will be having a time of life sipping on cocktails and crunching quick bites at comedy nights.
After all, life is short, so never miss to smile.

Masterchef Mania

Soon a tasty and saucy competition will be knocking on your doors. Odelia’s Masterchef Mania will be an opportunity of a lifetime to bring out the master chef in you. Also, munch on extravagant recipes presented at the competition. Eventually, learn and enjoy new tricks and recipes from well-known honorary chefs. A fantastic food fest that you will relish forever.

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